So yesterday I decided I was going to for sure, no stopping me now, have to, can't talk me out it, give "The Compact" the old college try. I was excited and scared at the same time. I decided to adopt the ol "we can do it" as my mantra.

This morning I panicked a bit as I realized I needed to go grocery shopping today and would have to walk through the mega store and not buy anything new except those permitted items like food. The stores still have some of their after the holiday sales going on and I am weak in the presence of those clearance aisles. I knew if I didn't have a clear cut plan to get in there, grab what was on my list, and keep my eyes down it was going to be bad. So, after breakfast this morning I sat down at our kitchen table and devised such a plan. It started with a meal plan to get me by until the kids return back to school from winter break. 

When I make my meal plans I usually start with figuring out the evening meals first. This way I can tell if I will have leftovers to make new meals or lunches from for following days.  Roast is one of those meals that keeps on giving even after the first night. The initial cost of the roast itself seems expensive but when you spread it out over a few meals and lunches it really is quiet affordable. So meal one on my plan was roast with roasted veggies and rolls. Here is the rest of my menu plan for the next 4-5 days until my kids go back to school. 

Evening Meals:
Roast with roasted veggies, rolls
BBQ sandwiches made from leftover roast, potato salad
Lasagna with garlic bread and ceasar salad
Meatless Stir Fry

Roast sandwiches(again leftover roast)
Potato soup(made with leftover ham I put up in the freezer from the holidays)
Lasagna leftovers(we always have at least half a pan left from the evening meal)
Loaded baked taters

Cereal(I know its not too awfully frugal, I am working on that)
Waffles with fruit
Eggs on toast and fruit

various baked goods I decided to make
veggie sticks

I bought some other needed household items like cleaners, pet food and meds. My total for my shopping trip today was $83.88, which is honestly a lot more than I really wanted to spend. I will be narrowing down my specific weekly budget hopefully in the next few days so I will see if today's spending is going to fit or hint at future budgeting problems. I think the 

Thankfully my plan to stick to the list worked at keeping me from venturing into other aisles in the store, however it didn't work too well with my kids who were in tow today. Now mind you, my children are 12 and 15 years old and totally know better than to beg and whine like three year olds for items they want in a store, but today they seemed to age regress about ten years each. Grrrrrrrrrrr! If I had a dime for every time I said "NO!" while out shopping today, I swear I could pay off everyone of yalls mortgages! It felt as if the gods of frugalism and non consumerism were testing me on my commitment already. Thankfullly I made it home without giving in, yes! Mom 1, kids 0! Its a good day in Momland folks! 

    Hi! I'm Marjorie.

    Welcome to my site where I share my experience taking on "The Compact" challenge. I am challenging myself and my family to buy nothing new...within reason....for a whole year.  What an adventure this is sure to be! Follow along as I share my journey.


    January 2014